Jacek Szczytko

email: Jacek.Szczytko@fuw.edu.pl

ORCID: 0000-0001-5150-2682

office: 3.64    phone: +48 22 55 32 764

                                            webpage: https://www.fuw.edu.pl/~szczytko/

Prof. Jacek Szczytko [Yatzek Shtchitko] works at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland. After his PhD on spintronics in 2001 he went for a postdoc to the group of Benoit Deveaud at EPFL in Switzerland, where he was working on ultra-fast spectroscopy of excitons. At 2005 he come back to the University of Warsaw. In 2010, together with Barbara Piętka, he founded Polariton Laboratory at the Faculty of Physics and in 2016 he established collaboration with the Military University of Technology in Warsaw on birefringent liquid crystal microcavities. Prof. Jacek Szczytko is the founder and the head of Nanoengineering studies at the Faculty of Physics.