Welcome to the website of exciton-polariton research group working on the Faculty of Physics at University of Warsaw.

Our group is a research team that investigates rich phenomena that appears in light-matter coupled systems. The building block of our devices is an optical cavity filled with different type of materials: semiconductors, semi-magnetic semiconductors, transition metal dichalcogenides, perovskites, organic dyes, proteins and liquid crystals. The working principle of the structures is based on strong interactions of photons confined in the microcavity with matter excitations to form new hybrid light-matter quasiparticles. 

Our unique idea to implement the liquid crystals into the optical cavity, where strong birefringence and tunability of photonic modes added to non-linear effects, leads to novel functionality.

The physical phenomena that we are investigating spans from non-equilibrium Bose-Einstein condensates, spin interactions in bosonic quantum fluids to photonic analogues of condensed matter systems like Rashba-Dresselhaus fields with effects such as persistent spin helix and second order merons in photonic spin textures. 

We are also working on the direct implementation of our non-linear effects in optical cavities to neuromorphic computing, where the structure of our photonic network imitates the structure of the human brain.