FET-OPEN HORIZON2020 (details)

Pattern recognition with exciton-polariton lattices
2020/37/B/ST3/01657 (details)

Synthetic spin-orbit Hamiltonians with artificial magnetic field in liquid crystal optical cavities
2019/35/B/ST3/04147 (details)

Logic operations in spin-polarized semi-magnetic exciton-polariton condensates
2019/33/N/ST3/02019 (details)

Mixed exciton-polaritons with spin and valley polarization
2018/31/N/ST3/03046 (details)

Magnetic ordering in spatially trapped semimagnetic exciton-polariton condensates
2017/27/B/ST3/00271 (details)

Giant Faraday Effect in organic materials
2016/23/B/ST3/03926 (details)

Non-linear interactions in semimagnetic exciton polariton gases
2015/18/E/ST3/00558 (details)

Magnetic, photomagnetic and structural studies of liquid crystal radicals
2013/11/B/ST3/04193 (details)